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Observation: Homeowner apathy is the enemy of an HOA.
(So is an apathetic Board.)

Annual HOA dues: Due Jan 1: $200.
If you have not received a notification, contact Sentry Management.
Failure to pay can result in a lien on your property and, if not paid, can result in fines, attorney fees, and foreclosure on your house.

Harvest Ridge Avon
Avon, Indiana, is located about 10 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana

January HOA Meeting:
Jan. 18, 2024, 6 p.m.
One estimate for replacement of both monuments: $60,000.
Open forum to discuss increase in dues to pay for community expenses, update/repair of entrance signs, and common area landscaping and trees. Each homeowner will have 2 minutes to state their opinion.
Publ. note: If you stand to speak, make sure you’re not holding any papers in your hand.
Location: Kingsway Christian Church
Note: COVID, Flu, and RSV are on the rise. If you attend, consider wearing a mask and keeping distance between yourself and others.

February HOA Meeting:
Feb. 20, 2024, 6 p.m.
Discuss Rules and Regulations to be implemented as addition to the Declarations. Each homeowner will have 2 minutes to state their opinion.
Location: Virtual

Facebook group:
Harvest Ridge Neighbors
(Harvest Ridge, Avon, Indiana)
established by a Harvest Ridge resident.

Town of Avon: Submit a request, report an issue.
Potholes, crime tips, school bus violations, drainage issues, etc.
Town of Avon Action Center

Indiana COVID dashboard
4 free COVID home test kits
Click: CovidTests.gov

Benefits for the Aging
National Council on Aging
Click here: Benefits Checkup
Healthcare, Nutrition, Housing, Utilities, Etc.
Related story from Census Bureau:
65 and Older Population Grows Rapidly as Baby Boomers Age

Ratings of nursing homes – From Medicare
Click here and enter your ZIP code.
Also provides info about doctors, hospitals, rehab facilities, etc.

Federal spending can be cut by cutting social security.
Social security and disability insurance are self-funded through a dedicated payroll tax.

Terminate the Harvest Ridge HOA?

Indiana State Police Scam Alert:
The scammers have called with the Caller ID showing “Indiana State Police Post 52.” The phone number displayed is 317-899-8577, which is the phone number to the post. The scammers identify themselves as police officers and indicate to the caller there is a warrant for their arrest. The scammer then tries to obtain personal information and request financial restitution to take care of the warrant.  Scams like this with “spoofed” Indiana State Police phone numbers have happened across Indiana with scams ranging from telling the victim
their identity has been stolen, selling insurance or attempts to raise money for false charities.
(Jan 31, 2023)

HOA dues special assessment?
It was discussed at Board meetings of Sep. 2022 and Oct. 2022: More money to pay for attorney fees. Attorney fees might include lawsuits against homeowners in arrears in their payments, violators of the covenants, as well as revision of the covenants. Watch for an email or letter with information about a possible community meeting of homeowners to vote on the idea. Read more here. Based on my review of the 2024 budget, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Board attempt to raise dues in 2024. Alternately, look for a cut in financial reserves.

Related article: “HOA Foreclosures Are a “Lose-Lose” Game for Coloradans, but These Lawyers Win Regardless of the Outcome

Door-to-door solicitors are required by the Town of Avon to obtain a direct selling license.

The Town of Avon ordinance governing direct sellers/solicitors

The Town of Avon direct sellers & solicitors permit

HOA Board of Directors:

At-Large: Gary Nelms
Treasurer: Bridget Buerkle
Secretary: Tim Williams
Vice-President: Jeff Moore
President: Adam Birge

Board Meetings

The following are announced monthly Board meeting dates for 2023/2024:
Wed Oct. 18 [virtual]
Thu Nov. 9 [virtual]
Dec. [no meeting)
Thu Jan. 18 [(TBD)]
Tue Feb. 20 [virtual]
Wed Mar. 20 [in person/(TBD)]
Thu Apr. 18 [virtual]
Tue May 21 [annual meeting – in person/TBD]
Wed Jun.19 [virtual]
– Board meetings are commonly held at 6 p.m.
– Residents may attend Board meetings.
– For virtual meetings, you may have to use Sentry Management’s Microsoft Teams software (it should automatically ask you to install it and download it if it’s not already on you computer or phone).
– Sentry Management should send a link to click on to attend a virtual meeting.
– “In person” meetings are reportedly at the Avon library.

Contact the Board

I’m pleased to see the Board has responded to my suggestion that there should be a way to contact the Board via email and established one:

However, the Board has developed stern rules for using this email address. I sent an email with a subject line regarding what the request involved. My email was apparently rejected; I received this reply:

Please resubmit your request following the instructions that were sent regarding emailing the board:
“We ask when you email the board through this email, in the subject line you put
Last Name/Address/General question or meeting topic. Example: Smith/123 Harvest Ridge/General Question, Smith/123 Harvest Ridge/October Topic. This will allow the board to streamline and organize the emails. Please note that all emails will be forwarded to Sentry as well as board members to log the Please resubmit your request following the instructions that were sent regarding emailing the board: “We ask when you email the board through this email, in the subject line you put Last Name/Address/General question or meeting topic. Example: Smith/123 Harvest Ridge/General Question, Smith/123 Harvest Ridge/October Topic. This will allow the board to streamline and organize the emails. Please note that all emails will be forwarded to Sentry as well as board members to log the contact with the HOA. Please allow 48-72 hours for a response.”

This ridiculous demand could be easily addressed by using a “contact” form with various check boxes for the subject line, text boxes for name and address. User friendliness doesn’t seem to be a major concern for the Board, in my opinion.

Contact Sentry Management

Use this form (click here)
Read reviews of Sentry Management

Sentry Management says they maintain HOA records on file at “Sentry Management’s ‘Community Pro’ Portal”. I’m not sure how complete their documents list is. As an “informative” website, it’s terribly deficient, in my opinion.
To log in to Sentry Management’s “Community Pro” portal (for registered residents), click here (registration required)

Contact Sentry Management
Use this form (click here)

8425 Keystone Crossing Suite 108
Indianapolis, IN 46240

1/17/23: Sentry Management announces new community manager:
Deb Williams
email: dwilliams@sentrymgt.com
Or maybe Kara Tidler ktidler@sentrymgt.com

Harvest Ridge becoming Hillbilly Ridge
Harvest Ridge or Hillbilly Ridge?
Read more


What Happens When Wall Street Buys Most of the Homes on Your Block?
(NY Times)
Washington Post story about a Harvest Ridge corporate homeowner, Progress Residential (click here).
“…according to previously undisclosed documents and dozens of interviews with renters and former employees, Progress Residential has been ringing up substantial profits for wealthy investors around the world while outbidding middle-class home buyers and subjecting tenants to what they allege are unfair rent hikes, shoddy maintenance and excessive fees.”

Click here to see addresses and corporate owners of Harvest Ridge rental homes.

Click here to see the stunningly large number of rental homes owned by Progress Residential in the Indianapolis area.

Will the HOA Board of Directors do anything about the increasing number of rental homes? (Personal observations – click here.)

From a 4/13/2022 email from Sentry Management:
“The Board of Directors would like to update you on the poll to limit the number of rental homes in Harvest Ridge.  Sentry received 42 in favor of limiting and 1 not in favor of limiting rental homes.”
[There are 203 homeowners in Hillbilly Ridge. Only 43 of them responded to an email.]
In the news: More homeowner associations are seeking to limit rentals

Rental Homes

Read about rental homes in Harvest Ridge

Another story about rental homes and how one HOA responded

According to the HOA, this 12″ x 18″ yard sign is not okay.

According to the HOA, this
rolling billboard is okay.


“No signs or advertisements shall be displayed or placed on any Lot or structure in the Development without the prior written approval of the Committee, except for the sale of a Lot or Dwelling Unit (limited to one sign per Lot)…”
(Covenants and Restrictions, Section V, B)

Read more about the HOA’s selective enforcement of Covenants and Restrictions

Homeowners’ Covenants and Restrictions, Plats, etc.

Plan to Make Changes/Additions?
Fill out the Architectural Request for Change Form.
New patios or decks, repainting, garden sheds, etc.
Download the form here (pdf format).

Repair or replace mailbox:
Mailbox Info

HOA Dues:
HOA dues are $200 per year (thru 2024).


– Electric: Duke Energy. View outages. Call 800-343-3525 to report one.
– Natural gas: CenterPoint Energy
– Water: Citizens Energy Group
– Sewage: West Central Conservancy District, Danville, IN
– Storm sewers: Town of Avon
– Trash collection: I’ve seen trucks from Waste Management and from Republic Services.
– Internet: AT&T and Spectrum provide hard-wired internet service. Personal note: I have subscribed to both Spectrum (cable) and AT&T (telephone wires). Spectrum had more outages and unexpectedly raised my rate, whereupon I changed to AT&T. AT&T’s service may be a little bit slower than Spectrum’s but it has proven reliable.

Excerpts from Covenants & Restrictions
Not a complete or exact listing–published for background information only.
Note: The HOA may or may not enforce these. It says so in the Covenants.


[No hot tubs, garden sheds, basketball goals, deck, fence, etc., without approval:]
(partial excerpts:)
A…. No Dwelling Unit, greenhouse, porch, garage, swimming pool, hot tub, accessory building, deck, fence, basketball goal, tennis court or other exterior improvement shall be erected, placed, stored, or altered on any Lot without the prior written approval of the Committee. Each Owner or Builder shall request such approval in writing to the Committee and shall take into account restrictions including, but not limited to, the type of materials, exterior facade, exterior paint colors, design, layout, location, landscaping and finished grade elevations…

[Keep your grass cut (4″ max. height), trash containers must be screened with fencing, etc.]
(partial excerpts:)
E. …Specifically, the Owner shall 1) establish and mow the grass with reasonable frequency to prevent its growth from exceeding four (4) inches in height; 2) keep Lot free of debris, equipment, stored building materials, and rubbish including any outside storage of trash containers which shall be screened with fencing and subject to modification by the Committee; 3) prevent the existence of other conditions which may detract from or diminish the appearance of the Development; 4) remove dead or unsightly trees or other plants; and, 5) maintain the exterior of all improvements in good repair to avoid any unsightly appearance, in the opinion of the Committee.
Note: As per a Board decision, the provision regarding trash containers will not be enforced.

A,7: Security Lights: Prior to completion of construction, Builders shall install one (1) “dusk to dawn” security light in the front yard of each Dwelling Unit. The Committee shall approve the type and location of all security lights. Each Owner shall subsequently maintain their security light as to condition and bulb replacement.
Note: As per a Board decision, the provision regarding security lights will not be enforced.


C. Animals (partial excerpt): Dogs and cats may be kept and must not become a nuisance. They must be leashed upon leaving the owner’s property, and their waste must be properly disposed of. Pick up your pet’s poop!

Rolling Billboard

[No boats, campers, trailers, commercial delivery trucks and similar vehicles may not be parked on driveway (must be kept in garage). No cars on blocks unless in closed garage.
(partial excerpts:)
D. Vehicle Parking. Unless otherwise provided herein, motor homes, mobile homes, any motor vehicle which is inoperative and not being used for transportation, trailers, boats, campers, commercial delivery trucks and similar vehicles shall not be parked or stored upon a Lot unless within a closed garage. All passenger vehicles may be parked on the street for a period not exceeding forty-eight (48) hours, however this does not include vehicles parked on the streets on a frequent (in excess of 48 hours per month) basis. No vehicles shall be placed on blocks or jacks for purposes of repairs, except for repairs made in closed garages. It appears the Board and its lawyer have decided that rolling billboards are okay.

[No open burning–including leaves]
(partial excerpts:)
F. Open Burning: No receptacle used for burning of trash shall be placed on any Lot, nor shall any Owner burn debris or trash on a frequent basis except in the Autumn months for the purpose of leaf destruction. Any burning of leaves shall be allowed by local restrictions, and, if allowed, shall be limited to the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
[Website publisher’s comment: I contacted the Town of Avon regarding leaf burning and was told it’s prohibited in Avon.]

No signs or advertisements shall be displayed or placed on any Lot or structure in the Development without the prior written approval of the Committee, except for the sale of a Lot or Dwelling Unit (limited to one sign per Lot)…
(One “For Sale” sign is permitted.)
Note: A Hendricks County Circuit Court judge decided that signs and advertising on vehicles do not constitute signs or advertising. (Thank the Board for failure or refusal to act.)
Article V, B.
(Apparently, rolling billboards are exempt from this restriction.)
Note: The Indiana Code supersedes this regulation when it involves political signs, which may be displayed 30 days before and 5 days after an election.

For full text of Covenants and Restrictions, click here (pdf format).

Liens and Foreclosures

If you don’t pay your HOA dues or owe the HOA money, the HOA can file a lien on your home. The lien means that if you sell the house, they get their money. Your home might also be subject to foreclosure, depending on issues surrounding the lien(s).
Important Facts About HOA Liens & Foreclosures You Should Know
Read a related story about HOA liens

Violations of Covenants and Restrictions

“…after 1st violation letter is sent, if not corrected within 7-10 days the second letter will be sent. If after another 7-10 days the violation is not corrected, the 3rd letter will be sent with picture. If still not corrected for another 7-10 days, it will be sent to legal (4th step).
(Minutes 05/23/2019 special board meeting)
(However, it appears the Board does not send all 4th-step violations to legal, and if it involves trash cans or yard lights only one warning letter is sent. See paragraph titled “Signs”.)

Lodging a Complaint:

If you wish to report a violation of the Covenants & Restrictions, well, good luck with that. Don’t expect any response or feedback concerning your complaint (based on my own experience). Who do you contact? I suppose Sentry Management. Or send an email to: 100NharvestridgeHOA@gmail.com

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