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Adam's Rules of Disorder (Interrupting/limiting debate)

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I've been a member of several organizations which adopted Roberts Rules of Order to guide meetings.  The basic concept is that everyone gets a chance to speak.  It's also possible to limit speakers' time by establisinhg an agreed-upon time limit.  Most competent organizations also distribute an Agenda before a meeting, outlining things planned to be discussed (e.Rg., "old business", "new business").

At the Sept. 26 "annual meeting", none of the Roberts Rules applied.  Most notably, Adam Birge shouted and yelled at me (a Board nominee) as I was about to speak, preventing me from distributing a printed one-page "issues" sheet I had prepared and preventing me from speaking.  According to Roberts Rules of Order, a "move to limit debate" can be called to end or limit the time for discussion and requires a 2/3 vote for approval.

The Harvest Ridge HOA (particularly its Board) could benefit greatly (as could homeowners) if the basic tenets of Roberts Rules of Order were followed.  A published agenda prior to meetings would be nice, too.