Why “Hillbilly Ridge”?

I have nicknamed this website and subdivision “Hillbilly Ridge”.


  1. Homeowner apathy. A few would like the Homeowners Association (HOA) completely eliminated. Most, it seems, have no interest in being involved with the HOA, with only a couple of people (out of 203 homes) attending meetings—even virtual meetings.
  2. The HOA is dysfunctional, in my opinion. Policies and enforcement seem to change with each change of a Board of Directors. Enforcement of the Covenants is selective and capricious, in my opinion.
  3. A previous Board was not elected as proscribed in the governing documents. Chalk it up to apathy (low attendance at the virtual annual meeting).
  4. Don’t even get me started on Board Member conflict of interest.
  5. Violations of the Covenants may or may not be enforced. And according to the Covenants, the Board can choose to ignore/take no action on homeowner complaints.
  6. Rules and Regulations have not been established—or established only informally based on somebody’s recollection of a Board discussion which may have occurred years ago.
  7. Much of the routine operation of the HOA has been relegated to a homeowner association management company.
  8. Questions posed to the management company and/or the Board may go unanswered. And if you want to contact the Board? Well, good luck.
  9. Communications have been lacking, and sometimes trying to obtain information from the management company or the Board is impossible or nearly impossible. It’s a secret club.
  10. Governing documents were written in 1994 by the developer–they are outdated, sometimes vague, and inadequate.
  11. Homes are increasingly being bought by out-of-state corporations and rented out. If this trend continues, it could make the HOA effectively defunct because these corporations may have controlling votes.
  12. Several homeowners have commented that the appearance of the subdivision is deteriorating. I agree.

 Harvest Ridge  Hillbilly Ridge: On a downhill slide.

Eyesore: Photo taken 12/15/2021 of stuff left piled up for over a month.
Running out of storage space?
Just pile it up in front of the house!