How to Get Homeowners Involved — or at Least Stay Informed?

At a recent Board meeting, there was discussion of communication (how to keep homeowners informed) and how to get homeowners involved or at least interested in what’s going on with the HOA. Several examples of unsuccessful efforts to get people involved were discussed.

Do you have an idea regarding how to get people involved/interested in the HOA?
Please post your comments/suggestions below.

An aside: We have 203 members in the HOA. There were 3 guests in attendance at the 11/19/21 virtual Board meeting. You didn’t even have to get in your car and drive to a meeting place…you simply had to turn on your computer. That may not be atypical for HOA’s, but it’s unfortunate that there’s such low interest and participation.

1 thought on “How to Get Homeowners Involved — or at Least Stay Informed?

  1. My thoughts:
    – Improve communications to membership (newsletter, email, website).
    – Yard sign for yard recognized by Board as “Homeowner of the Month” (improve awareness of HOA).
    – Publish and distribute an agenda in advance of the meeting.
    – Keep the meeting short as possible to avoid giving participants glazed eyes.

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