Mailbox Info

“Original” style mailbox provided by builders
“Non-standard” replacement mailboxes

From Sentry Management (HOA), 8-17-2021:
“There is nothing in the covenants that regulates the type of mailbox that someone is required to have and it was determined by the board that it was not reasonable to tell homeowners where they had to go to purchase paint for their mailbox.  If Sentry cites a mailbox for its appearance we provide the basic expectation for the community to keep it looking nice and if they inquire we will give them the paint color information for the beige one so that they may match it at whatever store they choose to shop at. But as this is not a requirement we do not have that document you referenced [summarized below] on the site so that we do not mislead homeowners about a rule that does not exist.”
[Note: I do not see anything regarding “expectation for the community” or “keep it looking nice” in the Covenants and Restrictions.]

Sentry Management later cited the following portion of the Covenants and Restrictions as being the section of the document that covers the overall conditions of the community:

It appears the referenced sentences are “3) prevent the existence of any other conditions which may detract from or diminish the aesthetic appearance of the Development” and “5) maintain the exterior of all improvements in good repair to avoid any unsightly appearance in the opinion of the Committee.”


From HOA President 9/6/2021:

“When the builder of the subdivision was developing the subdivision he had a set of builders covenants. In those covenants he had mailbox standards. Those covenants were never recorded.

“The builder recorded the covenants we use now. We have to go by them and there is nothing in them about mailboxes.

“So the board has said what they would like to see concerning mailboxes to keep the uniformity. But we can not enforce it. We can only let you know when the mailbox becomes unsightly.” 


From the HOA newsletter, Spring 2020

Beacon Signs is located across from the Walmart shopping center (south side of Hwy 36)..