Sentry Management

You might expect some unhappiness with a homeowner management company. But it seems to me that Sentry Management’s unfavorable reviews present, at the very least, a warning flag.

A few excerpts of reviews of Sentry Management at Yelp:

Parked legally in a handicap spot and was tagged with a giant green sticker on my window, called Sentry Management to ask why and get ahold of the person that did it to remove to teach them how to check license plates for wheelchairs but basically blew me off. I got a hold of Sentry office and someone was supposed to call me back but that never happened.

Customer service is terrible. I hope our property considers a new management company. My account has been locked out for no particular reason at all, just stopped working. I call daily and leave voicemails and finally after about 10 attempts and 45 min on hold, I was able to get ahold of someone who was literally ZERO help.

They deserve zero stars! This company is terrible – run fast if you find a home that has an HOA managed by them.

Unresponsive and many of the typical HOA issues. Be sure to check out their Better Business Bureau page, where they have a rating of 1.29 out of 5, and more Alerts than a certified scam artist.

A few excerpts reviews of Sentry Management at the BBB website:

This company is corrupt to the core. I am a disabled Veteran who bought a house in one of their communities back in November of 2019. This company has played an intricate part in harassing me since the very beginning.

This mis”management”, so called, company should be put out of business! They’re horrible! My review has multi levels

My experience with Sentry Management, as a home owner in Bonaventure Condo Association has been incredibly disappointing.

The worst. Listen to your friends, family, and enemies, and do not buy a home that is part of any HOA, but especially Sentry.

After two emails, a call this morning, and after a fifteen minute wait, I was asked if I would like a callback about my issue. No callback, no response to my email. The net result was a double payment of my HOA dues

Our community manager has not responded to our concerns regarding issues in our housing development that they are supposedly managing. When we did not get a response from him, my husband called the office in Tavares Florida and got the name of his supervisor and her email address thinking maybe we would finally get a response. We received nothing from her either after two attempts over the last few weeks.