Termination of HOA: Proposed Changes

The following are some proposed changes to the Covenants:

  • Eliminate Architectural Review Committee: The town of Avon requires plan approval and permitting.
  • Eliminate Articles detailing construction requirements.
  • Materials are not to be stored outside, lawns and landscaping are to be maintained and not allowed to become overgrown. (Avon has a limit of 12″ on grass height.)
  • Duration: 20 years, renewed automatically every 10 years thereafter
  • Amending the governing documents: Vote of majority for approval.
  • Termination of the HOA: Vote of majority for approval.
  • Board consists of President, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Board elected at annual meeting, meeting notification via first-class letter or email 10 days before the annual meeting. If a quorum is not established volunteers will be accepted, provided there are no objections from members. If there are more than three volunteers, Board members may be selected by a blind drawing of volunteers’ names.
  • Any Board member can be removed by a vote of 25% of the membership.
  • The Board will not enact any new restriction unless approved by 25% of the membership.
  • All checks shall require two signatures and must be made accessible to examination by members.
  • Any expenditure of $1,000 or more not included in the approved annual budget must approval of at least 25% of membership.
  • Special assessments must be approved by a majority of the membership
  • Indiana not-for-profit corporation (already established)
  • Projected budget must be presented by Aug 1. Approval by a majority of membership.
  • Fiscal year: Jan 1 through Dec 31.
  • Residential use only; no business may operate in the community.
  • Keep Article III A(9) (utility lines)
  • Keep Article III A(10) (no storage tanks)
  • Keep Article III (B) (sight distance at intersection)
  • Article IV (easements)
  • Keep Article V(C) (animals)
  • Keep Article V(D) (ditches and swales)
  • Keep Article V (F) (no open burning)
  • Keep Article VIII (remedies)
  • Keep Article IX (effect of becoming an owner)
  • Keep Article X (titles)
  • Keep Article XV(A) (membership—change to only one class, not two.)
  • Keep Article XVI (insurance)
  • Keep Article XVII (assessments, duties of the Association)

Your input sought: Include or eliminate?

  • Above-ground swimming pools prohibition.
  • Storage shed restrictions (no aluminum or sheet metal)?
  • Fence restrictions (type, color)?
  • Signs? (Note: Avon has an ordinance regarding signs)
  • Nuisances (noxious or offensive activities)?
  • House paint (color approval)?
  • Driveway parking of boats, campers, trailers, commercial delivery trucks and similar vehicles?
  • Restriction on the number of properties that can be rented out?

Town of Avon Ordinances:

If you’d care to check out the Town of Avon ordinances, click here (the search box can be helpful).

1 thought on “Termination of HOA: Proposed Changes

  1. I feel that the rules need to be looked at and brought up to date on a few things.
    As for rentals. This is a business for some rentals companies. We are not to have this. If a person has to rent their home out because they have to move for work. Then this is not a company run rental.
    Yards need to be kept up. Even the rental yards. You can tell which are rental and those that are home owners.
    Sounds like the HOA company we have now needs to be looked at or changed. If we are not getting what we pay for then we need to address this.
    Bring back in person meetings.
    I feel you get better info and feed back from homeowners.

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